Remember when.................
Steven Ashorn
Hello Everyone. Can't Believe it has been 20 years. After college, I work for Callahan's Gen. Store here in Austin. I worked there for 15 + years as Purchasing Agent in Feed/Livestock Dept. I am still in the area living in Pflugerville. I am still single. Won't be able to come April 5 since I'll be on Vacation. I will try to come April 4th. Hopefully see yall later.
Steven Ashorn
Crashing your reunion!

Technically, I graduated from Anderson (my family moved after our sophmore year), but in my heart I graduated from Reagan.  I've known some of you since elementary school and some since junior high.  We had birthday parties together, we played sports together, I'm sure somewhere in there we studied together, and we together we survived many tragic hair and clothing fads!  I still live in Austin.  I practice law at Brown McCarroll, mostly health care related litigation.  Sorry, no divorces or criminal law!  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.  In the picture, that's Lorie, Nancy, Suzy and me in the back.

Lorinda Holloway
Class of '89, not by choice
I  grew up with so many people in the class of '88. Seems like it should have been my class also!
Angel Michel
Reunion weekend....
Hey all...  Stephen Remmert here...  I am so sorry I missed out on the weekend fun.  Work has a tendency to get in the way of life.  Still a north Austin boy (Pflugerville) and managed to marry a Viking grad!  Been together for 15 years now with two kiddos (my world) 14yr old boy and 5 yr old girl.  ALWAYS traveling with work, but always available via email...  Shoot me a line, love to hear from ya!!
Stephen Remmert