Kara, Vanessa, Karen and Dena
Can you all guess who I am?
Day before the wedding......Chris, Stacye & Sharks!!!!
Karen (Gonzales) Cowley, Misty (Coil) Perry and Sonia (Rodriguez) Anderson....New Years Eve 1988
Marcia (Gibbs) Knudsen
Valentino, Sherri, Shannon Young, & Amy Segal
Shannon Young & Lorie Strong
Graham Kindergarten picture - 10 of the 19 graduated with us. Ram, April, Marcia, Diana, Wendy, Michael, Dena, Matt, Jeff, and Debby
1st grade Graham picture - 11 (maybe 12) of 24 graduated in our class. Michael, Jason(Bobo), Margie, Jeff, Tracy, Lorrie, Debby, Lorie, Steven(maybe), Bear, Marcus, Jennifer
4th grade Graham picture - 11 of 26 graduated with us. Michael, Diana, Margie, Wendy, Renee, Sylvia, Debby, Rosemary, Kara, David, Jeff
1988 Softball Team with Coach Grimm
Mr Pardue and his girls. Jenny, Melinda, Amy, and Heather
Last day of sophmore year! Melissa, Cindy, Shannon and Amy.
Prom 1988-Carole Crawford, Anna Kabantschuk, Lisa Meyer, Regina Schlab, Tracy Brenham, Alison Austin, and DeAnn Reed.
Brett Townsend
Pimpin it out on Friday night at Cedar Door -Yo!
Lisa Meyer, DeAnn Reed, Heather Monroe
Ms. Johnson's 2nd grade class (Graham) 1977-78
Ms. Sawyer's 3rd grade class 1978-79 (Graham)
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