Wow, what a fun weekend we had!  We're sorry not everyone could be there to share it with us.  The weekend started on Friday evening with about 50 people or so at the Cedar Door until well after midnight (with a few who closed down restaurants and bars for the rest of the morning).  Saturday evening at Cool River was very enjoyable with over 100 people in attendance in the private back room of the restaurant.  We had a great time seeing old friends, catching up on the past 20 years, and of course, staying until well after 1 AM.
We even had the pleasant surprise of having a few people attend who we had not previously found but yet they found out about the reunion by word of mouth.  So their presence was very welcomed.  We had people come from England (Jeff Hernandez), Maryland (Marcus Cavil), New York, (Misty Coil), Florida (Alison Austin), Georgia (Rodney Kelley), Colorado (Keithan Holliday), Louisiana (Holly Tompkins), New Mexico (Frank Holquin), and of course, from all over Texas.
Here are just some of the things we learned over the weekend...
1. Nathan Taylor and DeAnn Reed still look the same as they did the day they graduated.
2. Melissa Segal still humorously questions the logic about her being the alternate on the cheerleading squad, while Amy and the rest of her close friends made it ("Who votes for one twin but not the other?!" she could be heard asking rhetorically)
3. Even though he wants to be known as Louie, everyone still will refer to Lewis Conway as "Dooney."
4. Bo Miller, Michael Bell, and several of the other football players can still recall a play-by-play of most of the games they played in.
5. Tracy Branham has been married the longest--17 years
6. Brad Simcik has the youngest child--5 weeks old
7. Rodney Kelley will use all means at his disposal to win a 1980s trivia contest
8. Most people agree that we all look better now, 20 years later, than we did in high school.
The overwhelming consensus of the weekend was that we definitely will not wait another 10 years to do this again.  After working hard to find so many people and having many who could not attend for various reasons, we certainly want to make sure we get together more often.
So let this be the official announcement of a 25 year reunion to take place 5 years from now.  But don't worry--that will hopefully not be the only time we get together between now and then.
Here's a few things we need to tell everyone:
1. PICTURES.  Everyone took a lot of pictures and we want to get them up on the website for everyone to enjoy.  SO...if you took pictures, please send them to this email address and/or to Alison Austin at  Alison has volunteered to put them together on a website where we can view them in book form, then if anyone would like to order a book, they can do so.  We'll send out that info once it's available.  Meanwhile, we'll put pictures up on our class website ASAP.

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